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Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 85 Reaches Historic Agreement to Save Transit in Allegheny County

Our firm represented ATU Local 85 in the most recent contract negotiations with the Port Authority of Allegheny County that produced a historic transit saving agreement.

During the most recent negotiations, Local 85 was faced with its most difficult task in over a half century. The Port Authority was threatening the layoff of more than 550 members, a 35% service reduction and the closing of an entire garage. The complexity and severity of these problems was exacerbated by the State’s requirement that the parties reach an agreement before it would commit to any long term structural funding to run the transit system here in Allegheny County for the years to come.  

Faced with these daunting issues, Local 85’s leadership had to make bold decisions to preserve the transit system as we know it. Not only did Local 85 act courageously, in reaching Agreement, the Union found creative ways to save the Authority money, preserve all of the jobs at stake, avert the closing of the garage and maintain current service for Allegheny County.  In addition to averting the most catastrophic cuts in history, the Union was able to secure enhancements to its wages and benefits. It was a “win win” resolution for all those with a stake in public transit here in western Pennsylvania.

In the end, the Agreement reached by Local 85 and Port Authority was crucial to the preservation, if not enhancement, of transit in Western Pennsylvania. Our firm was proud to be a part of the process that produced this Agreement.

                            Joseph S. Pass, Esquire

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