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Personal Injury Q&A

Q. What is a personal injury case?

A. Personal injury cases are cases in which a personal injury resulted from the negligence of another person or company. Such cases might involve an automobile crash, slip-and-fall injury, defective product, medical negligence or wrongful death

Q. What type of damages are available in personal injury cases?

A. To sue for damages means to attempt to recover compensation for a loss and/or injury. In Pennsylvania, damages might be awarded for the nature and extent of the injury (and whether it is temporary or permanent), medical expenses past and future, pain and suffering past and future, mental and emotional anguish past and future, scarring and disfigurement, lodging and transportation, loss of companionship for an injured spouse, nursing care, lost wages and other expenses.

Q. What is the value of my case?

A. The value of a case involves variables such as the amount of medical expenses, wage loss, damages that may occur in the future, scarring and disfigurement, evidence as to the degree of fault, where the accident occurred and where the case is filed. Case values are established with a settlement or, if there is no settlement, by a jury, judge or arbitrator.

Q. Who pays my bills in a personal injury case?

A. Under Pennsylvania law, in a typical motor vehicle accident case, your insurance company pays your medical bills. In a fall-down accident, your health insurance coverage pays your medical bills. The other party’s insurance company is responsible for paying for your pain and suffering.

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