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Personal Injury

Unfortunately, bad things can happen to good people. And while it’s often impossible to undo the past, it is possible to seek redress, and to make things right for the future.

When you’ve sustained physical and emotional trauma due to negligence, you deserve a compassionate ally with a personal approach.

That personal approach is one of the hallmarks of Jubelirer, Pass & Intrieri, where we always remember that when we accept a case, what we’re really doing is pledging to work tirelessly on behalf of an individual who needs our help.

It’s that personal approach that inspires the relentless advocacy necessary to hold responsible parties accountable.

At JPI, successful results on behalf of our clients include recovery of expenses for individuals injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall incident, and medical malpractice.

While you focus on recovery in the present, JPI will work to ensure that you are provided the best future possible.

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